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The Margaret O'Gara Ecumenical Dialogue Collection
La collection de dialogues œcuméniques Margaret O'Gara
Online resource centre for Canadian bilateral ecumenical dialogues
Centre de ressources pour les dialogues œcuméniques bilatéraux canadiens
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Anglican-Evangelical Lutheran

Agreed statements & reports

Pour les titres français, cliquez ici
  1. Canadian Lutheran-Anglican Dialogue: Report and Recommendations (Apr. 1986)
  2. CLAD II: Response to the Niagara Report (1993)
  3. Called to Full Communion: The Waterloo Declaration (2000)
  4. Background and Reflections on the Policy Regarding Authorized Lay Ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (2015)
  5. Report of the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission to the 8th National Convention (ELCIC) and the 42nd General Synod (ACC) (July 2019)

Additional resources

Pour les titres français, cliquez ici
  1. Commentary on the Waterloo Declaration (Nov. 13, 2000)
  2. Guidelines for Clergy Serving in Each Other's Churches (2003)
  3. Guidelines for Common Worship (2003)
  4. Guidelines for Collaborative Congregational Ministries (2006)
  5. Governance Guidelines for Joint Anglican and Lutheran Congregational Ministries (2011)
  6. Waterloo Ministries Directory (2017)

In October 1982, the leaders of the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC), the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada (ELCC) and the Lutheran Church of America – Canada Section (LCA-CS) called upon their respective churches to enter into a process of dialogue, the goal of which would be a convergence adequate to establish a pattern of (a) the mutual recognition of each other as churches where the Gospel is preached and taught, (b) the encouragement of practical cooperation, and (c) interim sharing of the eucharist, similar to that approved one month earlier in the United States. The first meeting of the Canadian Lutheran-Anglican Dialogue (CLAD) was held in October 1983. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), which came into being on January 1, 1986 following the merger of the two participating Lutheran churches, has also firmly committed itself to ecumenism.

The Anglican Church of Canada and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) have been in full communion since 2001. This means that while each church maintains its own autonomy, it also fully recognizes the catholicity and apostolicity of the other. In practical terms, this means that Anglicans and Lutherans in Canada can share the Eucharist together, use each other’s liturgies, and participate in each other’s ordinations. Anglican and Lutheran clergy may also serve interchangeably in either church.

A Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission (JALC) provides oversight for the ACC-ELCIC full-communion relationship. The Commission meets twice yearly and maintains close ties with a similar agency — the Lutheran-Episcopal Coordinating Committee (LECC) — which binds The Episcopal Church (USA) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in their own decade-long full-communion relationship.

The JALC maintains a Directory of Waterloo Ministries wherein communities share rostered or ordained ministers, worship, facilities and programs.

L’Église anglicane du Canada et l’ Église évangélique luthérienne du Canada (ELCIC) sont en pleine communion depuis 2001. Cela signifie que si chaque église conserve sa propre autonomie, il reconnaît également pleinement la catholicité et de l’ apostolicité de l’autre. En pratique, cela signifie que les anglicans et les luthériens au Canada peuvent partager ensemble l’Eucharistie, utilisez liturgies de l’autre, et de participer à des ordinations de l’autre. Clergé anglican et luthérienne peuvent aussi servir indifféremment dans les deux église.

La Commission mixte anglicane-luthérienne (JALC) est un groupe d’individus de chaque église qui se réunissent chaque année deux fois explorer les moyens nos deux églises peuvent travailler encore plus étroitement ensemble dans la pleine communion. Un exemple de cette coopération est de plus en plus l’Assemblée paritaire anglicane-luthérienne 2013.

The members of the Joint Anglican-Lutheran Commission are:

Anglican Church of Canada

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Lutheran-Episcopal Coordinating Committee Partner